I Know I’m a Writer

Yvette Willemse has nailed what it is to be a writer. In fact, Yvette Willemse IS a writer. Enough said.


I know I’m a writer because
I make jokes that make no sense;
I drink way too much coffee;
Every single song reminds me of
A particular scene in my book;
I look at people and think:
“Yes, you could be a villain in my story”;
I get lost in conversations because
A plot idea just overran my mind;
Half the time I don’t hear what people say,
And the other half, I’m incorporating it
Into my book;
I flinch at the sight of sunshine;
I do push-ups in my room to get psyched up
For the next thousand words I write;
I read dictionaries and Shakespeare;
I understand grammar so well
I’m boring and incomprehensible;
Typos make me unbelievably angry;
Spelling mistakes make me laugh my head off
(At someone else);
I don’t know any actors or sports teams;
I drive very unpredictably
(“Oh, look, there’s a minotaur!”);

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